Ways to analyze dow jones today index chart

“What did the Dow Jones do today ? How is the Dow Jones index now ?” These are typical questions I hear from many not-so-active investors who are looking for info about the actual situation with US stock market health.They look for info on whether there is a bullish or bearish mood in US stock markets.

They think that the Dow Jones current situation represents the overall situation on US stock markets. Well this stock index could be used for a very broad picture overview. I personally like to combine Dow Jones daily index analysis with analysis of other important US stock market indexes like the S&P500 index and Nasdaq Composite or Nasdaq 100 index.

Most known Dow Jones index

The Dow Jones industrial index is the most known among investors. It tracks performance of major US stocks listed on US stock markets. They are known as the 30 Dow Jones stocks. These stocks are really the biggest representatives of every part of the US economy. There are stocks like Alcoa Inc., American Express, Boeing, Intel Corp., Kraft Foods, Exxon Mobil and more. They are also the biggest and most liquid companies traded on US stock exchanges.

The only issue is that these companies are also big global players and earn a large part of their revenues from international operations and sales. And it means that good balance sheets of these companies could have only limited ability to describe broad situation in the local US economy.

How to find today’s dow jones industrial average chart

Today’s Dow Jones industrial average index chart can be prepared in many different ways. There are online websites that provide information about Dow Jones history and current situation. So you can check the Yahoo finance site and find the chart there.

dow jones average today yahoo chart
This chart is good enough to make a basic overview of the situation. You can decide whether the situation is very bullish or very bearish. In the chart above could be analyzed that the situation cannot be defined either way. It is not clear whether it is a bull or bear case now.

I personally prefer to use my own stock chart analysis software that creates a Dow Jones graph for my needs. It is possible to use Yahoo finance as a free market data source for this stock analysis program. I personally use a good and reliable real time source for market quotes as I prefer to see the live Dow Jones situation any time I want.

dow jones today graph industrial index
So if you need only a brief and broad overview of the Dow Jones current situation then you can use free online stock trading sites with basic charts. But if you want to do more detailed analysis of historical and actual live Dow Jones market situations then I recommend using some good stock analysis software that is able to produce much better charts for analysis. AmiBroker is software I highly recommend.

Use Dow Jones etf for live and historical situation analysis

There are already several different exchange traded funds that track major DJ indexes. The most popular fund is DIA , the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average fund. This very liquid fund tracks the Dow Jones industrial index closely.

dow jones today graph dia etf
The analysis of this Dow Jones exchange traded fund should provide the same information as analysis of today’s Dow Jones industrial average index graph.

It provides a good overview of the broad stock market situation on US stock exchanges. But be aware – the opinion of investors and stock market mood could be very different from the real situation in the US economy.

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