Types of stock trading

You can select from several different types of stock trading when you think how you will achieve results you expect with your stock trading activities. You have to find the stock trading types that fit with your needs and also with your personality.

We are only humans and there are plenty of obstacles on the way to the profitable trading. So you should select the best type of stock trading that fits to you.

Major stock trading types

Day trading is for very short-term trades. A daytrader holds a position only for few hours. No position is held overnight. Such traders use intra-day charts with a very short primary time frame like 3 minutes, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes. Their trades last from several minutes to several hours.

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Daytrading chart

Swing trades are based on daily charts. Trades can last from one day up to several days or a few weeks. This is my favorite time frame. The basic type of chart is a daily one. Some swing traders also use 240-minute (4-hour) charts as the primary time frame.

SYRG swing trade 04 2014

Swing trading chart

Position trades are based on weekly charts. Such trades can last much longer. A typical holding period is between 1 month and 6 months. These positions could be based solely on a technical analysis of charts but it can be also accompanied by some form of fundamental oversight.
Most active investors have such a approach. I like personally to have the global macro oversight and then utilize it with position trades based on the technical analysis.

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Position trading chart


Select trading style for your needs

Any of these approaches can make money. But if you plan to generate regular income by equity trades, you have to consider a shorter time frame (day trades or swing trades). Position traders direct their activities to create more wealth.

Your personality plays also important role in selection of the best trading style for you. Some people are able to make decisions in seconds so they could be very good in daytrading. Others prefer to do more analysis before they make a decision. They prefer to do swing trades or position trades.

Do not forget to think also about the time you have available for your stock market trading and investing. Your trading system should fit to your time.