Tools & Resources for stock traders

I receive a lot of questions not only regarding which tools and services I use to run my trading  but also my websites.  So I decided to put them all together here for easy access.

This isn’t intended as an exhaustive list, but every service listed here is one I use or have used and that I recommend based on that first-hand experience.

(Full disclosure: If you click some of these links and sign-up for the service mentioned, in some happy instances, I receive compensation from the company in question—at no additional cost to you!)

Trading tools

My trading strategies
I use several strategies to trade and to pick the right stocks to trade. These videos describe them.

Interactive Brokers
This is a broker I’ve used for many years. This company offers many instruments to trade on my exchanges around the world. I use it to trade stocks, ETFs, currencies (Forex), commodities, and CFDs. It’s possible to trade using your desktop or a mobile app.

Stock broker software Ib TWS 3

Interactive Brokers trading software

I use Amibroker every day. It’s my main program for chart analysis. I analyze many different products there, from stocks to commodities or currencies. It’s highly customizable and very easy to use and quite cheap. It has very good screening features I like to use.

Medved Trader
It’s one of the best trade management programs I know. I use it for managing my trades during a trading day. It’s a product that has the best support from its creator. And if you ever heard of Quotetracker software, then note that this is the successor to QuoteTracker. Check MedvedTrader here.

MedvedTrader trading software

MedvedTrader trading software

I searched a lot for a good program to maintain a diary of my trades. I tried to use Excel, then also some online services, but finally I found TradingDiaryPro. This program runs on my PC and not only keeps the list of all my trades, but it also generates many reports I use to evaluate my performance. I use its reports also to show results to my clients.

ASUS Zenbook
I use this ultrabook when I’m on the move. It’s a powerful ultrabook that’s also very lightweight. The screen size is fine, and I can do almost everything I do typically on my HomeOffice workstation.

AVAST Secureline VPN
When I’m outside of my trading office, I use this additional security tool to make my connection and online trading safe.

This is a very good website for traders and investors. It offers a very useful stock screener feature. But the additional functionality is good, too.

Business & Personal Productivity tools

I recently decided to change my Web hosting company. I finally selected LiquidWeb, and I have to say that it’s the best choice I could make. The company is topnotch; its support is superior. I run a VPS server there for hosting my sites, but they have also plans for shared Web hosting. If you need good and reliable web hosting, consider Liquidweb.

I used the SiteBuildIt platform when I created this site. If you want to build a website that eventually has to make money, try SBI.

This is one of cloud drives I use for my needs. I can access files from desktops but also from my tablet or even smartphone.

Zapier is really a time-saver for me. It allows to automate many tasks by connecting two online services together. It syncs my Google calendar with ToDoist. It sends tweet automatically when I publish something on my membership site. The beautiful part is that you don’t need to be a programmer, and you can create connections (Zaps) very easily.

Evernote is my additional memory. I put all my notes there. They’re stored in the cloud, and I can access them from any device. It has desktop apps and app for tablets and smarphones. Very useful.

This is a solution I use to send you regular newsletters and be in touch with you using e-mail. It’s a good service also for autoresponders and email courses.

Th is is the shopping cart I use to sell my eBooks. It’s compatible with PayPal Standard, Paypal Pro, Google Checkout,, TrialPay, Clickbank & 2CheckOut. It works like a charm with a very low flat price. It comes with a decent affiliate program for your products.

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