Three ways to learn stock market secrets

There are many ways to learn stock market trading and investing. Here I would like to point you to three options that could help you in learning stock market basics, trading and investing. These ways are especially useful to find some details not described anywhere.

These three options to learn stock market secrets are private stock market blogs, private stock traders’ websites, some really good online trading and investing forums and articles of professional and respected traders and asset managers on many online websites.

Why do these ways help you to learn stock investing and learn to trade stocks? The main reason is that all info published in these ways is provided by professional traders, investors or asset managers.

They manage money – their own or other people – for a living. They are experienced. And they do not hesitate to tell details of their strategies, tips and especially about their business plan for the stock market. They often mention their own rules for risk management and trade management.

How to find best stock bloggers or private trading sites

Not an easy question. The best way is to have a referral or some recommendation from another already used and trusted source. If you have some blogger or trader who provides you info about another good site, then you should check it. You can find names of traders and asset managers I really highly think of on many pages on this site, too.

Richard's private trading site

Richard’s private trading site

First you have to find one stock trading blog that you find useful. Such blog should provide something to help you learn stock market tips and secrets. Start with an Internet search for the term stock trading blog or stock market site.

Articles by professional money managers

Professional hedge fund managers are not so frequently mentioned on general public online market sites for traders and investors. But it is possible to find some market sites where these asset managers provide written or video interviews. You could learn a lot from them.

Paul Tudor Jones II

Paul Tudor Jones II

Another source is market books interviewing best traders and money managers. Jack Schwager’s books are a typical example. You can read them but you can also find names and search the Internet for more info about these really good market investors. And often you will find some articles they publish.

Some thoughts about online forums and chat rooms

There are several online forums for traders and investors available on the Internet. They are good resources if you want to learn how to invest in stocks or how to trade stocks. Using these forums could have both positives and negatives.

I do not recommend using chat rooms for stock traders to learn something. Very frequent usage of chat rooms is distracting. Most wannabe traders finish with more chatting than making actual trades for money. So be careful if you want to use some real time chat rooms. It is much better to use closed or paid forums than real-time chat rooms to learn market secrets.

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