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I have prepared this stock trading questionnaire to better understand your needs. This web site is all about you, private traders. I want to help you with my articles and know how that I learned during my trading career.

So feel free to provide info about your needs and what do you think that can improve your trading results. I will do my best to help you.


    What's your biggest frustration with stock trading?

    What's your biggest fear when it comes to stock trading?

    Why do you want to learn how to trade stocks and ETFs ? What is the ultimate reason you became interested in trading stocks? What's the "ideal" outcome or result that you'd like to achieve?

    What did you purchased in the past to solve your problems with stock trading? Books, courses, coaching, membership, which one? What have you invested in in order to find a solution for your stock trading needs?

    If you could have one question answered about stock trading, what would it be?

    What is your trading style

    DaytradingSwing TradingPosition TradingLong term investing

    What is best way for you to learn stock trading

    Web site pagesE-bookOnline videoPersonal 1-to-1 call/meeting

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