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My name is Richard Koza and I trade stock market since 2001. I have developed my unique stock trading and analysis method and you can read a lot about it on these pages.

I am ready to provide you all knowledge I have about stock trading. I have no hidden secrets and I will share everything with you.


It’s 12 weeks program. We will focus on these essentials of profitable stock trading

  • Knowing all techniques for a profitable trading
  • Knowing what stock to select and how to trade it
  • It is complete stock trading system with strategies that helps you build your wealth consistently

Specifically, this Program includes:

1. How to read chart and understand what is going to happen with price
2. How to pick stock to trade
3. How to trade selected stock – when to enter a trade
4. How to manage your trade to maximize your gains and minimize your risk
5. Questions & Answers sessions


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Doors will open again in 2016.


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