Pick the best stocks to trade every week using this simple system

Trade the right stocks and generate enough income to reach financial independence

Stop doubting whether you scan the market the right way

Grab my four stock screeners and apply rules into your preferred stock scanning tool. These automatic stock screeners filter the whole market and produce results that can be used in any type of stock market situation: bull market, bear stock market and neutral stock market

You will learn exactly what screener to use right now, what screener is best for specific stock market situation. Which one is the best for bullish trades, which one for bearish trades.

Become confident what you should trade

Select the best tickers that are available for your next winning trade. Using three simple steps you will find the ideal candidates for trading every week.

Make easy to select the next winner

You are going to learn how to create small list of next winners. Stocks that are going to make major move soon. You will be able to spot them soon to enter the trade in the best possible price level.

3 step-by-step modules


Learn to expect the next market move using trend analysis

  • What are main market trend directions
  • How to know what direction to trade
  • What screener to use in current market situation


How to select the best strategy for curent market situation

  • What is the best strategy to trade right now
  • What strategies to avoid


Learn to scan stock market the simple way

  • How to pre-select stocks with automatic screener
  • How to pick ticker for your shortlist for the next days

Special bonus

Sector Analysis Method

Want to trade also ETFs?
Or have alternative way to picking stock?

This bonus module shows you how to easily use ETFs to understand what part of market can make te next big move.


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