Powershares db funds

Powershares db funds are quite large sub-group of exchange traded funds offered by this company. I personally use them actively in my etf trading strategies.

Powershares db commodity index funds

I use these exchange traded funds for my commodity trading strategies. There are not only energy ETFs in the list but also other commodity related exchange traded funds I like.

The list of shares for commodity trading strategies includes broad DB Commodity Index Tracking Fund with market ticker DBC. I like to use this ticker for trading, but I also use it to analyze the global situation in the commodity market during my equity market analysis routine.

Other PowerShares funds I have in my commodity related watch list are

  • DB Energy Fund with stock ticker DBE that tracks major energy commodities.
  • DB Base Metals Fund with stock symbol DBB tracking major base metal commodities
  • DB Agriculture Fund , ticker DBA, tracking major agricultural commodities
  • DB Silver Fund, stock market ticker DBS, tracking price of silver
  • DB Oil Fund, stock symbol DBO, tracking price of oil
  • DB Precious Metals Fund, with stock market symbol DBP, tracking combined prices of major precious metals like gold and silver.

I have All these funds in my list of ETFs I regularly scan for possible trading opportunities. My commodity based ETF trading strategies often use a ticker from this list for a short-term or mid-term trade.

Currencies db funds

It is possible to find three currency related funds.  DB US Dollar Bullish Fund with ticker UUP, the DB US Dollar Bearish Fund with symbol UDN and the DB G10 Currency Harvest Fund with symbol DBV.

Commodity Equities group

There are also commodity related exchange traded funds that track commodity producers. The list includes several funds including Global Agriculture Portfolio (PAGG), Global Water (PIO) or Global Steel (PSTL)

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