Learn about stock market from best books

If you want to learn about stock market basics, investing, or short-term trading then books are a useful source of knowledge. You can learn a lot from good market books describing how to trade stocks. They are also a good way to learn stock investing.

Unfortunately there are plenty of stock market books available. It is hard to select the best books on trading. My personal tip is to find some web sites of individual traders and investors and read their reviews of some titles for traders or about investing in the stock market for beginners.

And then buy some titles based on what you read there. If you like the reviews, of course. It is also possible to read sample pages of books in online bookstore sites.

Good ebooks should be read too

Learning about stock trading and investing could be sped up if you will use some good online trading books – eBooks. These eBooks can be found on many online websites for investors and traders. They help you to learn how to trade stocks.

Good eBooks are written by professional traders who trade-full time and could be filled with their personal experiences.

Do not expect that every book or eBook will provide you with a completely new set information. As you learn more about the market then you will see that the basics described in all of them are almost the same. But there are several (sometimes only a few) pieces of info, few sentences or paragraphs that are worth the value you paid for the book or eBook. These small pieces are real gems that help you to learn about the stock market more than something else.

I also recommend reading some books on trading again for the reasons mentioned in the previous paragraph. You will always find something new to learn. As you progress as a trader you will have more knowledge about how to trade stocks. And then you will be able to find something new to learn in a book you read months ago. But you did not understand the importance of this info before because you were not so experienced.

Books on trading psychology

Psychology and emotions are part of market activity and you should learn how to control them. There are publications that cover these parts of trader’s training. Psychology played an important role in the 1929 stock market crash and so study of this market crash could provide important lessons too.


Human psychology moves a market

Investors are not such active participants in market activity like short-term traders. But it often means that they make more mistakes related to psychology. They make more emotional decisions. So I strongly recommend reading good books on psychology also for investors and learning lessons from them.

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