Key ideas for successful day trading

Successful day trading is a big achievement for private traders– and probably for you, too. If you’re like me, you want to see those numbers on your day trading account in constant growth.

This is the most important thing to understand: Profitable and successful day trading is within your grasp! Once you get that down, the rest is easy:


  • You can learn to make money by day trading.
  • It’s impossible to become profitable without a proper day-trading education.
  • The key point for profitable day traders is discipline: they stick to the plan.
  • Don’t overcomplicate the system; keep it simple.

Keep these in mind when you start to learn, and you’ll achieve your goal.  You will become a successful, profitable day trader!

Six steps to day trade for living

There are six main steps you have to go through and understand to day trade for a living.

  1. Learn to read stock charts.
  2. Learn how to analyze current situations based on chart reading.
  3. Learn how to how to pick the right stocks for day trading.
  4. Learn how to set low-risk, day-trade setups.
  5. Set rules to manage each and every trade—and stick to them!
  6. Regularly analyze your past trades, and learn how to improve your day trading.

Download and print this checklist. Use it to monitor your progress and keep track of what to learn next. When you finish a step from the list, check it off. When you finish them all, you will be equipped to earn money in day trading!

I’ve picked out some of my most popular articles to help during the learning phase.  I do my best to keep them short and to the point.

Chart reading for day trading

Day-trading strategies are mostly based on chart reading and analysis. The ability to recognize a price action and make a quick decision about what can happen in the next few minutes or hours is crucial for profitable day-trading results.

Strategies for day trading

There are many traders using different day-trading strategies. They base them on different tactics and decision philosophies. Here are some guidelines that can help you to start to develop your own strategy. Just remember, keep it simple!

Day-trading stock picks

There are some important characteristics of a good stock pick for day trading. Some day traders use stocks repeatedly for a long period of time. There are some that are only useful for a short period. There are also tickers you can use almost exclusively, like index tracking ETFs. Be familiar with these options, and select the one that’s best for you.

Rules for a day-trading plan

There are also rules that every profitable day trader should know and implement in their own plan and actions. Some of them are well-known, but some of them are often overlooked.

Tools and software for successful day trading

Profitable day trading needs reliable tools and software. You cannot become a successful day trader without good software and other tools that provide you with advantages against other market traders.