Ideas for the best stock screeners

Stock screeners are important tools for a technical trader. There are some screeners available on the Internet like Yahoo market screener, but I prefer to use my own market screener list to find the best picks for my strategies.

The best market screeners are based on simple rules formulated on a technical analysis. You can use also parameters of fundamental analysis for parameters of your market screeners. But also in such case it is good to combine them with parameters based on technical analysis of stock charts.

Most of these screening procedures are used in Amibroker technical analysis software, I use. But as you can see, they can be easily modified to any other screening tool.

Market sector screening

Ideas how to evaluate current situation of stock market sectors:

Technical filter for screening

If you use screeners based on technical analysis and its parameters then check these ideas:

Stock market screener example

Stock market screener example

Fundamental screeners

Tips for using fundamental values in stock market screening. If you look for bullish picks check this:

If you look for bearish stock picks:

Day-trading picks

Tips to find bearish picks

stock market trading game bearish trade type

Bearish stock pick

Other tips for your screeners

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