How to find the best stocks to buy now

You can have the question “how to find best stocks to buy now” in your mind very often. I think it could be every day.

The solution to select the best stock buys is based on the trading or investing plan, system and strategy of every individual trader or investor. The main import question to be answered it how long do you plan to hold the position in stock you want to buy.

Do you plan to find 10 best stocks to buy as a short-term opportunity for your swing trade strategies? Or do you plan to hold these shares for a mid-term period as a position trade preferably?

If you plan to hold these best picks for several weeks or maybe months, then it is much better to find stocks which are in the early phases of their uptrend, or better, those that are preparing to break up and start a new uptrend.

The selection process can be based on several different parameters. These mid-term holdings could be selected on ideas based on fundamental analysis. It is ideal to combine them with technicals that could help you to make better timing for your buy entry and exits.

Timing of buy trigger example

Timing of buy trigger example

Best stock investments with global macro approach

This style of fundamental analysis can help you in defining the area of stocks, sectors or regions that could perform well in the coming months. This approach looks where the economy is headed. What sectors or international markets could perform the best.

These global macro fundamental ideas will not help you to select an individual buy pick immediately but can give you other parameters for the further selection process. Is it better to look for technology stocks these days? Or basic materials and miners are the best stocks to buy now?

But it is not easy to create such ideas. It takes a lot of analytical works. I personally cannot do it alone as it take a lot of time. But I have hired a good analytic team. How?

I subscribed to some newsletters which produce good fundamental ideas about actual global macroeconomic conditions in the world. I also cooperate with good analysts and read their materials.

And based on this work I create Global macro research notes for my needs. I use these notes for my position trades in my active market portfolio.

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