How to be good stock picker

If you want to be really good stock picker, then you must develop some important characteristics. These characteristics are common for successful traders.

Stock pick guides and recommendations I provide here on my pages can help you to develop the best abilities for selection of best stocks to buy now. You can become picker finding smart stocks or ETF securities for your profitable trading.

The stock selection process used by any market picker is part of complete trading business plan that such a picker should have prepared. Having good and written rules that describe how to pick stocks helps a lot in trading stocks online. Written rules always lead to more precise execution of steps that are necessary for profitable online stock trades.

Here is list of my free stock market trading advices for stock selection process that I try to follow myself.

Prepare a list of rules for selection of short term stock trade picks

It’s much easier to find a good stock or exchange traded fund for your trades if you have rules defined in advance. All candidates should match the requirements defined by these rules. A checklist is a great tool for creating these rules.

Stock picking checklist example

Stock picking checklist example

Great pickers learn these rules and follow them automatically without thinking about them.

Be patient when selecting stocks or ETFs for online trades

It’s important to be patient. Good U.S. stocks and ETFs should have an acceptable risk reward ratio. Good picker have to be like a hunter and wait for the best possible opportunities.

This advice works on all international stock markets so if you like to trade international market like market of india, the Australian market, the Nikkei market in Japan or even the Iraq market you should use these rules.

Accept that stock selection is only one part of this business

It’s very important to understand that the ability to find candidates is only one part of the trading business. How the trade will be handled is also very important. So a trade management and money management must be incorporated into complete strategy used by profitable market picker like you.

Become good stock picker

I think that it is much more profitable to be a trader that do stock selection personally for his/her own trading. Traders who rely on hot stock pick advice or hot market picks like “mad money pick ” will be losing their money sooner or later.

By using your own picking know-how, you can have your own top ETFs and best stock to buy or sell now for free every day! And a with better chance to generate a profit.

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