Good ways to invest money using US stock markets

Every responsible person looks for good ways to invest money. Everybody wants to make money on his / her own investment. There are several ways to invest your money.

It is possible to start your own business and invest money theretogether with your work and ideas and make money this way. I recommend having your own business as one income source for you. It is also possible to invest into another businesses as a private investor or  business angel.

One way is to learn how to invest your money in stocks and use US stock market for this purpose. Why the US stock market? It is the largest stock market in the world and it is possible to invest in international companies or regions using the US stock market too. The US stock market offers a huge pool of liquid stocks that can be bought. Every investor can find his/her its own ways to invest money there.

Main analysis tools that help to invest money into stocks

All ways to invest money start with analysis of possible investment themes or picks. Most used analytical systems are based on these two ways of investment analysis. There is the research of technical price charts and fundamental research of a company’s data.

Why invest money in shares with technical analysis

Stock market technical analysis uses stock price charts as its main tool. The investment or trading decision is based on detailed study of price charts. Best investment is also selected using technically based parameters that can be found on share price charts. These parameters could use price, volume or some specific value of technical indicator.

The main premise of stock chart technical analysis is that every fundamental piece of information is shown in its price. The second important reason to use technicals is that the price of a share is often moved by investor moods and emotions. These emotions move price above or below all expectations.

The main ways to invest your money using technical analysis are in using of stock charts and in stock selection process by technical screeners.

Technical chart SPY ETF

Technical chart SPY ETF


Why invest money in shares with fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis uses economic reports of the company to analyze the company’s business. This type of analysis is looking for so called fair price that the shares of this company should have. The trading and investing decisions are based mostly on evaluation of fundamentals. If the price is above fair price then it is often recommended to sell shares. A buy signal is generated if the price is much lower than the fair price should be.

Another option for fundamental analysis is dividend stocks. It is possible to use screener when looking for the best dividend paying stocks. Powershares exchange traded funds offer the best etfs for dividend and yield investing too.

Fundamental ideas also serve as basics for growth stocks investing into large or small cap growth stocks. But fundamental analysis is not the single ideal tool for selection of best stocks to invest in.
I prefer to use my global macro analysis as a fundamental background for selection of best stocks
that I want to put into my portfolio. Copper prices could be a quite interesting fundamental leading indicator usable in stock trading or investing.

Ways to invest money in international stocks

There are several ways to invest money in shares that represent international companies or complete international markets. There are plenty of international stocks available to trade on US exchanges. It is not necessary to look for other international exchanges and try to trade 24 hours a day.

There are also international exchange traded funds that represent international markets. There are International ETFs for developed markets and also for emerging markets like China, Russia or India. There are also international bond etf shares available.

The list of available international exchange traded funds grows larger every year. You have to be able to select titles you will like more as I did in my ETF list that I use for my ETF trading strategies in my portfolio.

I monitor China’s market index during my market analysis routine. I am looking for trading and investing opportunities with Chinese exchange traded funds or Chinese shares. The Japanese stock market is another from Asian exchanges that offers good ways to invest in international shares.

Ways to invest money in commodities

US exchanges also offer plenty of different options on how to invest in commodities. Almost all parts of the commodity markets are available for equity investors. It could be one way to invest your money.

Energy ETF DBO

Energy ETF DBO

Find your ways to invest money

There are many ways to invest money. You can have several income streams that generate cash for you month by month. I recommend having your own business as one part of any income generation strategy. It is not so complicated and hard to start your own business, you can start with an online business.

Investing in shares and trading is another option that could be used with other ways to invest money and generate income. You can use my regular ETF & stock trading newsletter as a helping hand for these your activities.  Don’t miss also these useful stock market investing tips.

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