ETF definition and list

I personally use exchange trading funds a lot in my trading. This list contains etf definition for the most usable etf shares.

The current list of ETF available for trading and investing purposes is very large. There are many similar funds tracking the same or very similar index. I trade exchange traded funds for more than 10 years and I think my selection I made during this process is good one so I would like to mention them below.

ETF Basics

If you don’t know what exchange traded funds are, I prepared a description about them. This asset class offers nice opportunities for traders and active investors.


Most important categories for exchange traded funds

There are many categories of these shares. I personally monitor several major groups, many of them consist of more different exchange traded funds.

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Short and leveraged etfs

There’s also a group of exchange traded funds that are inversely correlated to the underlying index. They are known as Short or inverse funds.

I like them very much since I can use these exchange traded funds for a short type of trade. I do not need to enter a short trade in a specific index or a sector exchange traded funds, but I will enter long trade in this inversely correlated exchange traded funds.

Today you can find also leveraged funds shares. They are an ideal vehicle for aggressive index daytraders.


Exchange traded funds can be used for a broad range of trading strategies. Daytraders prefer to use index ETFs to utilize intraday strategioes. I personally prefer swing and position trades as my preferred approach for using ETFs. And finally active investors could build their own etf portfolio for mid-term holding too.

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