Best way to check aapl quote and aapl earnings

It is quite common these days to see an AAPL quote along with other important news about Apple Inc. company in every major newspaper or on stock market websites. The Apple company has radically changed the mobile and communication world in the last few years. The invention of the iPod, iPhone and iPad changed world of IT devices used by consumers. It changed the system of delivery of music and software apps to consumers, too.

And although Apple Inc. has many competitors, it is still able to maintain the lead in this business. This role was also very much noticed by investors and AAPL share price have risen strongly from 40 USD level in 2005 to 600 USD level in 2012.

This strong rally in AAPL shares was also fueled by AAPL upgrade news provided by major analysts and also by ability of the company to increase AAPL’s earnings during this period.

Why monitor aapl quote levels

All these issues lead to a situation where the current trend in AAPL quote leads the opinion of other investors to US technological stocks. The movement in the Nasdaq 100 index is heavily influenced by the movement of AAPL shares. AAPL technicals play an important role in Nasdaq composite index chart analysis.

This influence is important not only for investors. The short-term traders should pay attention to behavior of Aapple’s shares for their short-term trading strategies.

Day traders could use actual the AAPL quote situation to decide whether to be bullish or bearish in
todays trading. And it is possible to use Apple Inc. stocks quote for technical day trading strategies

How to check aapl stock price levels

I use my stock analysis software that receives real time live stock quotes from my broker as stocks quotes live provider. AmiBroker, chart analysis software, uses this real-time data to create historical and real time charts that I monitor and analyze. You can see these charts below.
aapl quote technicals 04

How to check aapl earnings and upgrade news

It is good to know when to expect earnings news from AAPL company. Short-term swing traders and daytraders should avoid trading stocks during earnings events generally. So it is good to check the next AAPL earnings date.

It is possible to use servers like or Yahoo finance to check the Apple Inc. earnings date. These servers also provide actual news that informs you about AAPL upgrade (or downgrade) by major analyst’s houses. Such upgrade or downgrade could play an important role in deciding what type of daytrading strategy could be used.

Apple Inc. earnings or upgrade could lead to a major price gap at the start of the day on the exchanges so these days are often traded with some gap daytrading strategy.

What are important aapl technicals for check

I recommend checking AAPL stock quote for technicals that could tell a lot about an actual short-term, mid-term or long-term situation. The next charts show Apple Inc. stocks quote situation during June 2012.

The short-term daily chart shows that Apple share price holds support of major short-term moving averages and it provides hints to prefer a short term bullish strategy for swing trades with AAPL shares.
aapl quote technicals 01
The weekly chart shows that AAPL quote price is now in a pullback. It forms a chart pattern. Fibonacci retracement analysis points to bullish price consolidation that will take some time before the next major move will establish.

aapl quote technicals 02
The monthly chart looks bullish. But there are several warning points that should be heeded before rushing into a blindly bullish trade on AAPL shares. Negative candlesticks on this monthly chart in the 600 USD level signal possible price reversal or a prolonged period of relaxation. The last strong move up from 400 to 600 USD level also happened very quickly and could signal some form of bubble in the price of Apple Inc. shares.
aapl quote technicals 03
Based on this analysis I think that day traders will prefer to trade AAPL shares on the bullish side. Swing traders will prefer a similar trade direction. But position traders or active investors in AAPL stock should consider taking some profit from their long positions or making their stops tighter to the current price level.