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An every trader looks for a list of the best online brokers. It’s possible to find some information on several discussion forums and when searching through Internet and a Google search. That’s the way I started the search for my broker.

I opened my first brokerage account with a stock broker several years ago. Well I started to trade more than 10years ago. It was quite different world for traders.

Since then I’ve discovered some important characteristics that make a good online stock trading broker.

I found that most important is good execution - you should have to have good fills for my limit and especially market orders.

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Second very valuable feature of best stock brokers is accessible customer service. You have to be able to contact some representative of the company in any urgent case without delays.

Commissions are not the most important thing, which was a surprise to me. I discovered that the amount of the commissions doesn’t play a large role in my trading results. Good fills are more important. So if you have your list of best online brokers, check them for these points.

I tried several Web based and then direct access stock brokers. Finally, I found one that I liked very much. I personally met with the representative of this broker (later I discovered he’s one of directors of company :-) ), and he was a really nice person. I like how he talks about his business.

The most important features of this stock broker

So I opened account with them, and I’ve traded on this account ever since.

What do I like about this brokerage house?

  • Most important is customer support – it’s great. I can always discuss what I need. I can use email, or the Yahoo messenger service to contact the right person in a minute. I can call, of course, but it’s usually not necessary.
  • They have a good commission structure
  • • Accounts are held by the Penson Financial services company for clearing, custody and protection.
  • They have really good trading software
  • I also receive good fills for my limit and market orders.
  • It’s a good broker for swing traders, position traders but also for very active day traders.

They offer good service, and I can be sure my cash and opened stock trades are safe and will be handled correctly. I used this brokerage house fo rseveral years and their service was really good. The company name is Pinnacle Capital Markets and I can really recommend them.

The only issue I had with them was that they offered only equity market trading. I wanted to trade also commodities and Forex and it was not so easy to do such trades in a single trade platform.

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